Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

*PLEASE NOTE: These FAQs are for your assistance and FAQs DO NOT replace the Terms and Conditions that apply to the use of the Post Logistics service and/or the terms of use of this website and/or the various policies, statements and legal requirements that apply to the Post Logistics service.

1. Who is Post Logistics?

Post Logistics is the logistics arm of An Post that provides collection of palletised freight in loads of up to seven pallets of goods in the Republic of Ireland for delivery to all European destinations.


2. How do I contact An Post Logistics?

You can contact An Post Logistics by email at or by telephone on 01 4620810.


3. What is the minimum consignment Post Logistics will collect?

The minimum consignment for collection is one pallet.


4. What is the maximum consignment Post Logistics will collect?

The maximum consignment for collection is seven pallets.


5. Do the Post Logistics vehicles have a hydraulic lift?

All Post Logistics vehicles will have a tail lift.


6. What are your estimated transit times by country destination?

Click here for indicative delivery times for consignment destinations.


7. Are there any countries in Europe where Post Logistics in partnership with DB Schenker do not deliver to?

All European countries are covered by our logistics partner DB Schenker.


8. Who is DB Schenker?

The Post Logistics offering is in conjunction with DB Schenker.
DB Schenker are No. 1 in European and Land Transport with

  • 730 branches in 36 countries, some 26,000 committed employees
  • The densest network in Europe enabling fast deliveries to customers
  • A local presence in all European countries
  • Door-to-door control of shipments due to a fully controlled network
  • Multi-modal production set-up enabling one-stop shopping
  • Some 95 million shipments annually reach their destinations throughout Europe


9. What are the pallet size, weight and height restrictions?

Pallet dimensions should not exceed width 120cm x length 100cm x height 210cm and weight 1000kg.


10. How should I pack my pallet for collection?

How a pallet is packed and wrapped is at the discretion of the customer but it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the pallet is packed and wrapped in a safe and secure manner. We do not make any recommendations but will check that it is safe for transportation. All product must be palletised with no overhanging as this could result in damage to the product.

Please ensure that you have printed your shipping labels and securely affixed one label on one side of the pallet. If you are using a packing slip, place it on the same surface of the pallet as the shipping label.

Do not place the label over a seam or closure or on top of sealing tape. Remove all old labels from the pallet. It is recommended that you place a duplicate of the shipping label or other form of identification inside your consignment.


11. Is there a restriction on exporting alcoholic beverages?

Please refer to our ‘Terms and Conditions’ for a full list of prohibited items.


12. What is the furthest lead time for a customer to place an order on the on-line booking system?

A collection date can be no more than 28 days from the current date.


13. What are Post Logistics’ collection times?

Collection times are between 9am-3.30pm, Mon-Fri on the date of collection. If your opening times are not within these hours please provide opening times at the time of ordering.


14. When can I place an order?

You can place an order at any time using the Post Logistics online booking system.


15. Is my consignment insured?

No: Pricing by Post Logistics does not include any insurance cover whatsoever. We strongly recommend that each Customer has insured its pallets prior to collection to the full value of the merchandise either by sourcing cargo insurance through a Broker or by requesting a quote from our partner DB Schenker’s insurance solution.

Under its Terms and Conditions of Carriage, Post Logistics has limited its liability in accordance with the standard trading conditions of the Irish International Freight Association. Our terms and conditions may be found here.


16. Can I make changes to my confirmed order?

The following changes can be made to your confirmed order:
*Changes must be made before midnight on the day before collection*

  • Collection contact details
  • Delivery contact details
  • Collection date
  • Pallet quantity / type
    Note: Any reduction in the number of pallets will not change the price but will require reconfirmation of your order. Any increase will add an extra charge and will require reconfirming and payment.
  • Collection location details, specifically;
    • Loading Bay
    • Forklift
    • Vehicle Type


17. How do I cancel an order?

If you need to cancel an order, contact An Post Logistics by email at or by telephone on 01 4620810.


18. At what rate is VAT payable on orders?

VAT is payable at 23% per order.


19. What size / class of truck will be used to collect my pallet(s)?

A 28-foot rigid box truck will collect your pallet(s).


20. How is pricing calculated?

Pricing is calculated based on the rules shown in the pricing section on the Order Entry screen.

Any additional charges (added by the customer service centre or by the customer adding a pallet) will also be shown here. Any charges that have been paid will show the date of payment. Any charges that are unpaid will be highlighted.

If there are unpaid charges e.g.:

  • An unconfirmed order
  • A previously confirmed order where additional pallets have been added by the customer
  • Where the customer service centre has added a charge

This information will be presented to you on screen beside the ‘Confirm Order’ button e.g.:

‘The order will not be processed until confirmed’


21. Do I need a forklift for my order to be collected?

No, a forklift is not required. It will be loaded by the driver using a hand pallet jack.


22. I deleted / can’t find my order confirmation email. Where can I get labels for my order?

You can log into your Post Logistics account and re-print labels for that order. The labels can be printed on A4 paper and taped to the pallet or directly onto A6 labels. Pallets will not be collected without a label attached.


23. How many labels should I affix to the pallets?

One label should be attached to each pallet.


24. Can I track my order online?

Yes. Post Logistics offer full door to door tracking on all consignments. The online tracking service can be accessed via the link in your Order Confirmation email or by logging in to your Post Logistics account and clicking the Tracking button.

From the tracking screen customers can;

  • View a description of their goods
  • View a table of tracking events
  • Print an Order Summary
  • Print and EPoD (Electronic Proof of Delivery) delivery record.


25. Is customs clearance required on all orders?

Customs clearance is only required on orders destined for the following countries:

  • Liechtenstein
  • Norway
  • Switzerland

In these cases, your orders will be passed on to our logistics partner, DB Schenker, who will contact you directly to arrange customs clearance.


26. How do I change my password?

To change your password, visit log in and click “Menu” then click “Change Password” in the drop down box and change password.


27. Can I send a pallet to a personal/domestic address?

No, pallets can only be sent to business addresses.


28. Can I send a pallet within Ireland?

No, pallets can only be sent to the European destinations listed above.